Zachary A. Stiles

Front End Developer
UI/UX Engineer

  Oakland Beach, Warwick RI 02889
  (401) 225-5673

About Me

Hello world, I'm Zack! Engineer, designer, traveller, adventurer. Here to help.

While I have worked with computers professionally since 2005, my passion for web development goes back as far as I can remember. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are my core toolkit.

I work with Angular, VueJS, JQuery, PHP, Rails, WordPress, Bootstrap, Foundation, MySQL, NodeJS, SASS, Java, and C/C++.

I leverage modern best-practices including BEMIT, TDD, and agile methodology to develop code which functions smoothly across all browsers and platforms.


University of Rhode Island

BS in Computer Engineering (GPA: 3.48 / 4.00)

• Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society - Student VP and Webmaster
• Tau Beta Pi Honor Society

Capstone - Digital Signal Processing in FPGA  (Sponsor: Raytheon Company)
    • Design signal processing chain on a Spartan-6 Xilinx FPGA.
    • Reverse distortions applied to a sound file which mimic various types of real life signal interference.
    • Responsible for the software aspects of the MicroBlaze processor (featured on the Xilinx board).
    • Performed administrative duties for the group's SVN file server. 2007 - 2011

Work History


Frontend Developer

  April 2020 - present


Software Engineer II

• Primarily worked as a front-end developer, using core HTML/JS/CSS and a variety of frameworks (primarily Vue) to help fix bugs and develop new functionality.
• Experience working with Java / Kotlin for site backend.
• Extensive ADA/WCAG accessibiliy work.
• Wrote test cases in Jest and Kotlin.
• Agile / SCRUM development style.
  April 2018 - April 2020

CVS Health

Sr Analyst App Development

• Working primarily with Angular, HTML5, CSS3 to turn UX visions into fully responsive UI layouts.
• Long-term and extensive development work with accessible UI (WCAG 2.1).
• Development, testing, and support for mobile web, mobile app, and desktop.
• Experience working in both waterfall and agile development styles.
  January 2017 - April 2018


UI Lead Developer

• Worked for six months as a contractor while getting started with CVS.
• Received leadership recognition for UI development contributions within the first three months.
  August 2016 - January 2017

Zmags, Inc.

Technical Supporter

• Assisted clients ranging from small businesses to large corporate accounts with the use of our publishing platform.
• Handled support tickets via phone, email, and online chat; the team primarily used Salesforce and Zendesk.
• Performed account maintenance, developed code demos, and wrote tutorial content for our Community Portal.
• Worked with Product team to test, identify, and troubleshoot bugs, tracked primarily using Jira and Confluence. March 2012 -
May 2016

SupportSpace, Ltd.

SupportSpace Certified Expert

• Provided online support as a consultant to the SupportSpace website, solving a variety of problems depending on customer’s situation and needs.
• Worked with consumer home electronics, primarily computers, printers, and wireless routers.
• Ranked top expert on the site for number of sessions completed, with over 4,800 cases as of October 2011. December 2007 -
October 2011

Racman Electronic Repairs

Technical Support, Office Assistant

• Repair and troubleshoot computers.
• Setup and maintenance of office network.
• Data entry and backup using QuickBooks.
• Filing paperwork and ordering parts.
• General office duties.
• Cleaned copier parts and housings. 2005 - 2008


Portfolio Website - Ruby on Rails, HTML, JS/JQuery, CSS
This site (the one you're reading now) uses Ruby on Rails, runs on a Heroku Dyno, and is managed via Git.
• While the above statement was true originally, this site has now been exported to static HTML/JS/CSS.
    • This was done because Heroku (the previous host) shut down free plans on November 28th, 2022.
• All layouts created from scratch using HTML and CSS3. Sass nesting and mixins to keep style sheets neat.
• CSS3 animated backgrounds, smooth scrolling for internal navigation links, Colorbox for screenshots and videos.
• Responsively adapts to support mobile and small browser windows, appearing nicely on all widths 320 pixels and up.
"Weekend Web Dev" Blog - Ruby on Rails, HTML, JS/JQuery, CSS
• Content hosted and managed via Butter CMS, which is communicated with using calls to their API Ruby Client.
• Custom JQuery for sorting and loading posts.
• New UI/UX projects developed periodically, time permitting.
• Process and methodology for each, behind-the-scenes view of development.
Front page of blog. Category view.
A Dark Road - Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, JS, CSS
• An "unfolding game", which starts with the simplest UI possible and evolves in complexity over the course of play.
• Intuitive UI teaches users its mechanics naturally through gameplay, without the need for a manual or tutorial.
• Extensive use of Angular directives to facilitate dynamic UX and branching paths which respond to game state.
The long opening sets readers up to be surprised by expansion of scope. The office. Each button has been clicked once. Second conversation with the client.
Samuel Stiles Photography - Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP, JQuery, CSS, HTML5
• Templates, plugins, and content managed via WordPress 4.5.3.
• Heavily customized theme built from the ground up in Bootstrap 2.3.2.
• Interactive galleries display up to 8 photos at once, and can flip through any number more.
• News page, social sharing integration, PHP contact form, automated backups.
• For ease of use, Project galleries and Blog posts are created the same way.
//www.youtube.com/embed/cNp65uFfxK0?html5=1&autoplay=1&showinfo=0&modestbranding=1&rel=0 Home view. A list of Project galleries, shown as thumbnails. A project gallery. The list of blog posts, but there's only one here at present. A blog post. Archive view shows both galleries and blog posts. The download page.
Wisdom of Astrology - Bolt, Foundation, HTML, JS/JQuery, CSS, PHP
• Content managed via Bolt CMS, templates built in Zurb Foundation.
• Integrates with Blogger, PayPal, and YouTube.
• Filters for imported content: remove Comic Sans, minimum font size, fix broken image links.
The homepage, with main navigation and sidebar. Astrology is the largest section on the site. One of the three Blogger blogs included, in list view. The books section is fairly straightforward. The Services page, with PayPal integration. The Astrology Videos page, with YouTube integration.
HAV Insurance Co. - Foundation, HTML, JS/JQuery, CSS
• Responsive layouts built in Zurb Foundation 6, HTML5, and CSS3. JQuery for functionality.
• Signup and login process, account management, managed locally via session data.
• Policy data loaded via AJAX from XML.
//www.youtube.com/embed/KK7keK_UIgo?html5=1&autoplay=1&showinfo=0&modestbranding=1&rel=0 Home view, top. Home view, with lightbox.
Policy quotes view. Policy quotes view, with lightbox. Account management view.
"Kūsō Neko Pāku" Cat Café Promotional Site - HTML, JS/JQuery, CSS
• Layouts created from scratch using HTML and CSS3, responsively supports widths as low as 320px.
• Google Maps integration for location, YouTube integration for cats gallery.
• Gallery content and news posts are loaded from XML via AJAX.
• Fully functioning calendar built with JQuery.
//www.youtube.com/embed/5JONKljgfPI?html5=1&autoplay=1&showinfo=0&modestbranding=1&rel=0 Homepage with business name, hero image, summary. Google Map with address, hours, menu.
Gallery of cats. Cat info box with YouTube integration. News posts, loaded from XML.
Calendar for reservations. Info popup for a calendar day.
Collaborative Storytelling Site - Ruby on Rails, MySQL
• Programmed an online application to handle branching story writing and sharing.
• Functionality included user login, friend lists, story upvoting and downvoting.
• Database managed via MySQL.
HTML Form Generator - HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP
• Form which generates other fully-functioning custom forms according to user input.
• Outputs HTML and PHP files to be easily implemented elsewhere via IFrame or lightbox.
• Full length instructional manual containing a list of examples.
• Live demo available, click link icon at right.
The form generator with default settings. Example settings for an email form. The same form, lightboxed into a publication.
Mockup Maker - HTML, Javascript, CSS
• Form which generates a sophisticated mockup overlaying Zmags Publicator content on prospect websites.
• Setting changes for sizing and position of the overlay and underlying page are displayed immediately for testing.
• Finished URL hides the control panel and displays the completed mockup on demand for sales demos.
Lightbox CSS Generator - HTML, Javascript, CSS
• Customer-friendly fillable form to generate complex CSS styles from simple user inputs.
• CSS code block is copied to online platform to format Colorbox popups within digital magazines.
• Accompanied by two full length instructional articles: a usage manual and list of examples.
The CSS generator with default settings. Example lightbox settings using an image texture. The generated CSS applied to a lightbox in a publication.
Mass Data Migration - Selenium
• Developed a new automated solution to transfer ~5000 settings pages for an important client.
• Learned Selenium in one day, implemented a large automation script, monitored it over four days.
• Sideflow plugin for looping and conditionals, logger plugin for tracking progress.
• Saved an estimated three weeks company time while still maintaining my normal day-to-day tasks.
"Bitsnakes" Artificial Life - Java
• Experiment in creating virtual creatures that fulfill the technical specifications of "being alive".
• Entities are physically allocated in contiguous memory, giving them tangible real world presence.
• Each snake attempts to collect virtual "food bits", starve out competition, and survive the longest.
An early-game scenario, four snakes search for food. Red snakes have died, and reverted to food bits. The last snake has too little energy left to move.
Space Invaders-type Arcade Game - Java
• Fully functioning video game programmed in Java using the Eclipse SDK.
• Increasing difficulty, local high score, cheat codes, four enemy characters, boss battle, enemy AI.
• Extensive use of class inheritance to reduce code complexity.
Title Screen Fighting several aliens. The boss firing his laser weapon. Game over man, game over! High score table with default values.
PI Calculator CPU - VHDL
• Designed and programmed a custom computer system using VHDL and assembly code on Altera FPGA.
• Calculates digits of pi sequentially using the Spigot Algorithm. This implementation displays 4,799 places.
• Algorithm is easily extensible to any number of places, but bounded by available hardware memory.
Graphical reproduction of the original CPU's output. Spigot Algorithm part one. Spigot Algorithm part two. Custom function for division with remainder.