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AFK July 5th - 10th: hiatus extended

posted Monday, July 4 2016 @ 8:00 pm EST

Due to the numerous tasks involved with catching up with after a long trip, the fact that I still need to promote my last project, and various business-related errands I had to run today, there simply wasn't any time available to start on project 5.

Additionally, Sam appears to have found my next freelance client for me, work which will likely consume the next couple of days at the minimum. As such, I will be returning to "Website a Week" next Monday instead of today:

Week 5:July 11th - July 15th
Week 6:July 18th - July 22nd
Week 7:July 25th - July 29th
Week 8:August 1st - August 5th

I have big things planned for the remaining projects, and I want to do the best work I can on all of them. As much as I'd have liked to start "project 5 on the 5th" and have this all done by the end of July, it's more important that this is top-notch portfolio work at the end.

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AFK June 27th - July 1st: one week hiatus

posted Saturday, June 25 2016 @ 4:22 pm EST

As mentioned briefly in my first ever post on this blog, I will be taking the next week off. In observance of Independence Day, project number five will begin on July 5th.

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Week 2, Day 3: AFK

posted Tuesday, June 7 2016 @ 8:05 pm EST

Unfortunately, as much as I'd prefer not to take a break this early on in the project, today I have a business meeting in Boston and a family function following that. In lieu of an actual blog post, here are my plans for the rest of the week:

Thursday:UI Design - mockups
Friday:UI Engineering - implementation
Saturday:Misc polish and finish-up.

Since I'm not working on this today, I intend to work Saturday if necessary. That said, I am hoping to be finished by the end of Friday.

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