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Weekend Web Development
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Category: cms

Week 1: Butter CMS Blog

posted Saturday, June 4 2016 @ 12:21 am EST

Because the first 'week' of this challenge is really only today and yesterday, I started with a small manageable project, but one which is nevertheless essential: the creation of this blog! Butter CMS handles the content storage and publishing duties, so most of the work required was layout and styling. Here's a short list of the highlights:

- For better SEO, the blog is integrated as a subdirectory of the main portfolio site, which runs on Rails.
- Content hosted and managed via Butter CMS, which is communicated with using calls to their API Ruby Client.
- Custom JQuery function allows posts to be sorted "newest first" or "oldest first".
- Custom JQuery to load and scroll to a specific post indicated by hash location.
- Index page lists all posts, but does not load the full body content until a post is clicked.
- Inherits CSS3 animated backgrounds, smooth scroll, and colorbox popups from the main site.
- Responsively switch to reduced-width mode for mobile and small windows. (Supports width as low as 320px.)

Not to worry, the other seven sites will include more detailed process tracking, consisting of multiple posts over the course of each week. This project just wasn't quite as involved as what's coming up next.

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